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Limited Liability Company “Light Group” is a leader in the souvenir packaging industry in Ukraine. The company comprises of 4 manufacturing sectors beneath the same roof: tin packages workshop, cardboard tubes workshop, souvenir packages workshop with a big amount of handcraft, wood processing workshop.


Considering our manufacturing capabilities we are able to cover demands for souvenir packages of any consumer goods supplier (both producer and importer).


For the time of its work, the company has acquired a great number of technologies which enables to provide a high variation in souvenir packaging creation.


The company’s stuff consists of experienced managers, designers and developers, who help to create the best possible packaging solutions with only product available


Favourable location of enterprise (Ukraine) makes it possible to meet demands of European customers fast (delivery time –maximum 10 days to any part of Europe) with pricing comparable with Chinese suppliers.


To date, we have been supplying our products to all the largest manufacturers of Ukraine. Regular deliveries go to Russia, Israel, Australia, France and Germany.

Our clients

Our packaging is environmentally friendly and easily recyclable!

light packSouvenir packing

The unique workshop with handcraft assembly line has no analogues in Ukraine. The uniqueness of the enterprise lies in the ability to produce large circulation of complex multicomponent packaging of hand assembling. Together with us, you can commercialize a premium product with a multicomponent package (plastics, paper, wood, flock, textile, metal plates etc.). There is the number of developers on the staff of the company who help to implement any of your ideas (or the ideas of advertising/design agencies).

The workshop includes:

  • Sawing line (MDF wood)
  • Painting booth (painting, varnishing)
  • Handcraft assembly line
  • Vacuum forming machine
  • Flocking line

Our production is often used for:

  • Premium Alcohol
  • Jewelry
  • Watches, Pens
  • Perfumery products
  • Premium class tea and coffee products
  • Tobacco products


  • The use of leather with embossing, hot stamping etc.
  • The use of design papers (Italy, China)
  • The manufacture of exclusive plastic inserts, latches
  • Fixative holder (with flocking capability)
  • The use of fabric (velvet, satin)


The skin
Designer paper
The flock

light packCardboard tubes

The enterprise has 12 years’ experience in combined cardboard tubes manufacturing. The advantage of this type of packaging is the ability to use various materials (designer paper, leatherette and textile) + all modern typography capabilities (UV varnish, hot stamping, embossing, etc.). In our enterprise we can create combined tubes with tin covers, plastic locks etc. Productivity of the workshop for today is 450,000 tubes per month.

We offer you typical dimensions of ready forms

Diameter from 50 to 120 mm 110Х87 mm 120х84 mm
Height from 50 to 400 mm 104х84 mm

Design and manufacture non-standard forms according to Your order:
square, rectangular, triangular,
or complex geometric shapes

light packTin packing

Light Pack Company is the only and the largest tin souvenir packaging manufacturer in Ukraine. The enterprise jointly produces about 7, 5 million items per year.
Consumer is offered the use of both available forms and exclusive designs.
Tin packaging gains popularity in countries of Europe due to its low-cost, ecological properties, efficiency and stylish design.

Packages made of tin are used for packaging of various productions:

  • Alcoholic products;
  • Confectionery products;
  • Tea, Coffee;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Textile products;
  • Souvenir products;

We offer you typical dimensions of ready forms

And also design and manufacture new forms according to your order

light packWooden packing

Wood package is one of the oldest types of packaging. Environmentally-friendly material makes any product valuable and vintage. Experts who have gained a lot of experience in locksmith’s articles manufacturing are now able to create a truly outstanding works of wood and put it on the circulation. With the help of our managers you can choose the most suitable item construction and accessories. The painting and the varnish will provide thousands of color and tactile options. This type of packaging can be combined with the facilities of other workshops (insert of fixative holders, flocking, etc.).

We offer standard sizes of finished forms and design and produce new ones on your demand.
The manufacture and design of non-standard shapes is available on your demand as well:
square, rectangular, triangular and complex geometric shapes.

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